Reorienting Birth for Professionals 2020

Reorienting Birth for professionals in 2020   – brochure

All kinds of stress/ shock relate to birth, as it is the first time a person have a rush of Adrenaline and every shock, we go into the memory from birth reactivates.

A rush of adrenaline is normally only produced in situations with a very high intensity of energy, as in highly dangerous or fatal situations and during high stress (in both what we describe as good and bad stress).

Later situations with high level of adrenaline /stress-shock-peak will tend to activate the behavioral patterns that were imprinted in birth.

Format for Working with Redoing Birth in Groups

The first course of 5 days:

1: Introduction to the workshop and form working groups
2: Go through the 6 stages from before birth to right after birth.
3: Demoes of each stage and work them in the groups.
4: Theory of complications and how to work them

The second course of 4 day’s: 

1: Sharing of experiences of the participants training in their groups of the 6 steps and the actual rebirthing.
2: Information around pregnancy and working with pregnant woman.

The training will be in English with Russian translation.

Teachers: Lene Wisbom (Denmark) and Inna Gavryliuk (Ukraine)

Dates: 1st course: 17 – 21.06.2020, 2nd course: 14 – 18.10.2020

Price: The total cost of the training is 800 Euros

For local students: Deposit payment is 400 Euros paid before May 1, 2020 to Inna Gavryliuk, Bodynamic in Ukraine
The remaining amount is paid in two installments of 200 Euros on the first day of the corresponding module.

For international students: Deposit of 400 Euro before May 1, 2020 and 200 before each course or full payment before May 1, 2020
to Bodynamic International bank account:

Salling Bank, Søndergade 30, 7830 Vinderup
Registreringsnummer 7790 Kontonummer: 200-52-46
IBAN number: DK7377900002005246

Bodynamic International, 25333233
Contact in Denmark: Lene Wisbom, e-mail:, phone: +45 – 28 74 86 50

Contact in Ukraine: Inna Gavryliuk e-mail:; phone: +380674457236