Invitation til Association of Bodynamic Psychology

Dear all Bodynamic interested people around the world  

We would like you to join this new Association with the objective of increasing the worldwide visibility of the Bodynamic approach. 

The ABP was founded on the 3 September 2019 in Hørsholm, Denmark. It is a non-profit worldwide organisation.

The ABP aims to promote quality of life, well-being and human rights using body psychology and conflict resolution.

People: To be an inspiring community that connects Bodynamic Practitioners of Body Psychology across nations to share ideas, unite in projects, uphold the same ethical standards and grow as professionals.

Society: For body psychology to become commonly known, and a well-respected approach to relieve involuntary suffering and improve well-being.

Partners: To nurture a winning network of healthcare, psychotherapy and humanitarian organizations, together creating enduring impact and value.

Research: ABP supports practical and relevant research.

Membership fees: €10 for students, €30 standard fee. Fees are to be reviewed at the next GA in 2021.
To become a member please complete the attached membership form, including payment details, and email to

Hope to see you all

Chairman of the Board of ABP
Lene Wisbom


Statement of Ethical Principles

Application form

At General Assembly Sep. 2, 2020 we took some next steps and formed the different commitees – are you interested in joining – write to

Link to paper of which commitees and who:-)