International Bodynamic Supervisor Education


The goal of the training and who can participate

  1. The goal is to teach you to supervise out of theory, the models and methods of Bodynamic – to improve your knowledge of Character Structures, Ego-development, Ego-aspects Bodyknot, Bodymap Analyzing etc. from a therapeutical context to the level of supervision.
  2. Another goal is to clarify ”what is supervision”, what is the frames and fazes in the supervision process, the supervisor role in general, how to fill out the role and what it demands of you. How to support the therapist in their role, ambition and demands. We will also define what is individual supervision, individual supervision in group and group supervision, and different aspects of the interaction between the supervisor and the supervisant.

To participate you have to be either Bodynamic Practitioner (at least started at 3’rd year), Bodynamic Therapist or Analyst.


  1. course – 21 – 25. April 2021      10 – 14. November 2021
  2. course – 1 – 5. September 2021   12 – 16. January 2022
  3. course – 2 – 6. March 2022
  4. course – 7 – 11. September 2022

Teaching Place: Rotterdam, Holland


Lene Wisbom and Inna Gavryliuk, both Senior Teachers and Supervisors


140 €/ day = 2.800 € in all + transfer fee’s

Group size: min. 15 participants, max 30 participants

At all modules there will be supervision training in groups.

Upon completion of the project you will be able (you will have the necessary skills) to supervise psychotherapists of any modality. This is one of the goals of the project.

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