Free Webinar m. Lisbeth + Ditte Marcher

Free Webinar

Ditte Marcher interviews Lisbeth Marcher

September 21st 2020     6.30pm – 8.00pm Denmark time

Ditte will ask some questions that have made a huge difference in her experiential way of being in the world and increased her quality of life.

The questions are:

  • Why doesn’t  justice exist?
  • And why is it that, if you can let go off the illusion of justice how will your life become more free, more full and more connected?
  • And, what does it mean in Bodynamic’s perspective to be an adult?

Ditte and Lisbeth will elaborate on these questions for an hour and then you will have the opportunity to ask questions for the last half hour.

Looking forward to see you there.