Full Bodymap in Denmark 2018

The Specialist education in Full Bodymap – extension to Practitioner

Masterclass 2:    see Brochure   Application form
Start in February 2018 in Denmark

This masterclass is only addressed to Bodynamic Practitioners. It is an essential training for practitioners that want to be Bodynamic Analysts.

You will be taught how to understand the unique Evidence based knowledge of each muscle, groups of muscles, cohesion and function.
You will be taught how to use the Bodymap in your work.

You will be taught how to work regressively and into early issues with your clients.

It will be possible to work more structured and long-term with clients and travel through doors into the inner room that is before consciousness. Full Bodymap gives opportunity to find the hidden and forgotten resources, The Path to Chaos and trauma work.

You will be taught how to give clients greater understanding of forgotten potential, patterns and reactions and observe how it changes over time.

Have you had cases where you should have special attention to PTSD?
Have you had cases with an, appear to be well-functioning client, that there is chaos underneath?
Have you had client that has diffuse stress, or with a client with physical damages / permanent injuries and has a need for strengthen equivalent alternative skills?

In the course there will be presented and trained the individual muscles anatomical place, movement, function and the way to test, as well as the individual participants ability to sense, evaluate and decide the test answer.
There will also be time for deepening of test reading, learning how to present a test for a client and introduction to Hands on for Therapist.

Admission requirements : Passed anatomy and Basis Body Map exam in Bodynamic International regi .
Overview: 3 modules 2 x 5 days and 1 x 4 days during 5 months and with exam at the last course .
New international class in Denmark

7 – 11. February 2018
11 – 15 April 2018
14 – 17 June 2018 incl. exam

Time Schedule:
Every day from 10 to 18
Participant numbers:
between 8 – 12 participants
Place: Denmark – place will be announced in October 2017
Preparation to every weekend, as well as training in groups between trainings necessary
Registration: Lene Wisbom, lene@bodynamic.dk

Teacher : Lene Wisbom , Certified Bodynamic analyst & Psychomotoric , member of Danish Psychotherapy Union and EABP
Has had Psychotherapy clinic since 1994 and teacher since 1979.
Has special training in group work, trauma therapy and Bodymaping, teacher in Bodynamic International and censor.
Contact for questions: lene@bodynamic.dk , www.wisbom.dk , mobile : (0045) 28 74 86 50